The Comfort of Secure WiFi for Retail Operations

You need secure WiFi to be incredibly intuitive, easy, and reliable – so you can focus on your customers, not troubleshooting IT issues. AirTight’s cloud-managed WiFi is tailored to perform in multi-site retail environments and is uncommonly easy to manage and set up.

Business WiFi that Keeps PCI Compliance Top-of-Mind

PCI compliance is essential to your business. AirTight delivers cloud-managed, enterprise-class 802.11ac WiFi in a simple package that includes built-in top-rated intrusion protection (WIPS). We go above and beyond the standards of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard with 24x7 monitoring of your network to ensure your payment data stays in the proper hands.

Using the AirTight web portal, store operators can manage hundred or even thousands of store wireless networks from one central interface. Improve your customer’s experience and loyalty to your brand with value added features like line busting, mobile point-of-sale, loyalty programs, special offer or event promotion, in-store kiosks, and guest WiFi.

Connect to Your Customers with Retail Analytics Business Intelligence

Track unique devices, network usage, active users, and more! Flexible reporting features allow you to see usage trends in-store and across time of day.

Maximize Your Retail WiFi Analytics and Data

Make the most of in-store kiosks and other captive portals by sending customers coupons, daily specials, or offers to enroll in loyalty programs. AirTight’s retail WiFi analytics help your retail location improve business based on metrics.

  • Real-time and historic WiFi analytics
  • Rich, customized in-store WiFi experiences for customers
  • Improve customer loyalty to build repeat business
Other WiFi solutions we evaluated didn't offer the automated disconnection of unauthorized APs attempting to join the network, which made the AirTight decision a slam dunk. This was one of the easiest technology projects I've ever instituted. There have been no issues and nothing but positive feedback. We’ve blown the doors off our expectations with the Pinkcard loyalty program.

—Tony DiCenzo, SVP of IT, Pinkberry