Secure Wireless Access Points for Restaurants

Today’s restaurant-goers expect your business to have guest WiFi so they can tweet, review, and promote your business while waiting to photograph their meals to share on social media. Give them what they want without compromising your PCI compliance. With AirTight’s cloud-managed WiFi, you get state-of-the-art 802.11ac wireless, and the best network security intrusion protection in the industry

AirTight cloud-managed WiFi is so easy and quick to set up and manage, almost anyone can do it in a matter of minutes. Deployment and management can even be done from a smartphone. And get extra fancy with these AirTight WiFi features at no extra cost:

  • Line busting/mobile Point of Sale
  • Table top ordering/paperless ordering
  • Sharing coupons, discounts, and encouraging enrollment in loyalty programs via your in-store WiFi captive portal

Imagine managing all your restaurant WiFi systems remotely from a single interface. AirTight’s systems scale to meet your needs, whether your access points needs range from ten to thousands. Set up your restaurants with:

  • Secure guest WiFi
  • Walled garden and captive portal-style configurations
  • Internet content filtering to keep all access family-friendly
  • PCI compliance tools for scanning your network and reporting results

Learn About Your Customers’ WiFi Preferences with Business Intelligence Reports

Discover the top times your customers use WiFi while dining, uncover trends in their network usage, and make the most of that knowledge with offers, loyalty programs, and more.

We looked at a bunch of solutions. I was blown away by the price point, features and functionality we were going to get with AirTight. Other solutions didn’t have all the functionalities; they did a part of what we were going to address with AirTight, but at a higher cost.

—Corey Kline, Director of IT, Noodles & Company