WiFish Finder: WiFi Client vulnerability assessment made simple

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WiFish Finder: WiFi Client vulnerability assessment made simple

WiFish Finder is a tool for assessing whether WiFi devices active in the air are vulnerable to 'Wi-Fishing' attacks. Assessment is performed through a combination of passive traffic sniffing and active probing techniques. Most WiFi clients keep a memory of networks (SSIDs) they have connected to in the past. Wi-Fish Finder first builds a list of probed networks and then using a set of clever techniques also determines security setting of each probed network. A client is a fishing target if it is actively seeking to connect to an OPEN or a WEP network. Clients only willing to connect to WPA or WPA2 networks are not completely safe either!

To find out why --  take a look at WiFish Finder presentation made at DefCon 17.

WiFish Finder Ver 0.2 is available for FREE download for network & security administrators comfortable with Linux platform. This free tool is to be used as is and does not come with any technical support.