Cloud-Managed Features

Social WiFi and Analytics

How well do you know your customers and patrons? Can you say what the busiest areas are throughout the day? What kind of content is most popular on your business website and social media networks?

Get the answers to these questions and much more with customizable guest portals with social WiFi at your business. You can create captive portals for everything from social media channels to in-store kiosks to drive brand and location engagement. Offer coupons, special offers, or geo-targeted campaigns to drive loyalty and revenue.

Event organizers can use social WiFi to keep participants up-to-date on presentations and seminar schedules. Let customers connect with your in-network loyalty program by filling out social profiles or contact information, and reward them with a special offer or coupon.

All of your WiFi users and their behavior can provide invaluable insights to your communications, sales, and marketing teams. Gather anonymous presence statistics like footfall and dwell times, examine time-based trending data, and with opt-in social WiFi, you’ll be able to pore over aggregate demographics like device type, age, and gender.

Captive Portals in K-12 Education Environments

WiFi access analytics isn’t just limited to guest engagement in retail environments. It’s an incredibly useful tool for schools to engage students, keep them browsing safely on the proper WiFi network, and set filters to ensure content access is always age and school appropriate.

Schools can connect and communicate using WiFi facilitated tools for learning beyond the classroom. Learn what content is most useful for student learning, where the most popular areas in the school are at all times of the day, and give teachers the tools to automatically make essential content and tools available to students all at once.

AirTight is so valuable to TAO Group because their WiFi analytics provide specific demographics on the exact groups we’re trying to target. How often are they visiting a venue? Are they male or female? Which days are popular? Other companies pay thousands of dollars for this kind of data, but our guests are actually opting in and providing us with this information themselves via WiFi. What we are able to do with that information and how we analyze it will only make their customer experience even better.

—John Watson, IT Director, TAO Group