Cloud-Managed Features

AirTight Secure Guest WiFi

Provide an Unforgettable Customer Experience with Analytics, Captive Portals, and Top-Rated Security

The Best Security in the Industry

We all expect WiFi hotspots wherever we go – people everywhere have smartphones, tablets, and laptops eager to connect to a nearby access point. But it’s not just about Internet access. You need to protect your guests during their entire WiFi experience. AirTight provides industry top-rated security for your guest WiFi, keeping your customers in the store and wireless intruders out.

Connect with Customers While They’re Interacting with Your Brand

Add value to your guest WiFi and take advantage of the revolution of mobile computing. Everyone walks around with a mobile device, so let that be a way for your guests to engage with you.

When your customers connect to your AirTight WiFi access point, you can digitally greet them with a customized branded captive portal or customer kiosk. Inform them about special offers or events, enroll them in loyalty programs, or allow them to place orders using their portable devices before they start surfing the Internet. All designed to help you attract and keep loyal customers who appreciate the experience you provide.

As a Retailer, Learn More About Your Customers

Get great return on investment for offering guest WiFi with analytics for business intelligence. Track WiFi usage in your retail store or business and discover better ways to engage your customers. Engaged customers tend to buy more, be more loyal, and tell others about their experiences.

Collect trends on device types, busiest times of day, popular in-store locations, and other shopper behavior. Leverage that business intelligence to share coupons, offers, and opportunities to enroll in loyalty programs – you’ll be surprised at the easy and effective ways to engage your WiFi loving patrons.

AirTight WiFi retail analytics provide flexible real-time reporting and trending, so everything you need to know is always at your fingertips.

  • Real time and historic WiFi analytics reporting and trending
  • Custom captive guest portals to drive loyalty and engagement
  • Gain a true return on your guest WiFi investment
AirTight is so valuable to TAO Group because their WiFi analytics provide specific demographics on the exact groups we’re trying to target. How often are they visiting a venue? Are they male or female? Which days are popular? Other companies pay thousands of dollars for this kind of data, but our guests are actually opting in and providing us with this information themselves via WiFi. What we are able to do with that information and how we analyze it will only make their customer experience even better.

—John Watson, IT Director, TAO Group