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AirTight has one mission – to make enterprise WiFi simple, secure, and massively scalable so that billions of devices can be connected to the digital world. And that’s only possible with a powerful and efficient cloud infrastructure.

At AirTight, we are committed to seamless connectivity for everyone, everywhere and we partner with others who share the same passion.

We offer the most scalable cloud-managed WiFi backed with an array of cloud-based tools and services to accomplish all WiFi needs.

Why Partner with AirTight?

With AirTight, customers can easily accomplish all their WiFi needs from a single integrated cloud. Only the cloud offers the flexibility and scalability needed to give SMB and mid-market customers access to enterprise-grade applications while simultaneously ensuring the success of deployments that span tens of thousands of access points each. AirTight is more nimble and customer-responsive than the competition, and we’re going to open the floodgates of innovation.

What Makes AirTight Different?


The AirTight cloud simplifies network deployment so much that all you need is a smartphone and five minutes to set up campus-wide WiFi.


AirTight focuses on keeping wireless clients and networks safe from active attackers and employee hijinks in accordance with major compliance guidelines.


AirTight provides simple licensing for intelligent access points and cloud management, making WiFi investments incredibly cost-effective.

Want to learn more about becoming an AirTight partner? Of course you do! The best way to engage with AirTight is to connect with your sales rep immediately. Your rep will assist you as you sign up and navigate the AirTight Partner Portal, get you hooked up with all the content you need for sharing and they’ll likely have a deal waiting for you.