AirTight Wi-Fi for Restaurants

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AirTight Wi-Fi for Restaurants

AirTight Wi-Fi is the perfect solution for quick serve and casual dining restaurants looking to add Wi-Fi capabilities to their in-store operations to improve the guest dining experience and operation efficiency. AirTight Wi-Fi is the only cloud-managed Wi-Fi access solution with the industry's best network security and automated PCI scanning in a single device tailored for the multi-unit restaurant industry.

AirTight Secure Wi-Fi is easy to deploy and manage

AirTight Wi-Fi is easy to deploy, manage and secure, giving store operators more time to focus on customers. Deploy value-added services over AirTight Wi-Fi to improve operational efficiency and enhance the guest dining experience including:

  • Line busting/mobile POS
  • Table top ordering
  • In-store marketing

AirTight's ease of use and budget friendly pricing makes upgrading and/or securing your network both simple and cost effective. Centrally managed from AirTight's web portal, restaurant operators can manage hundreds or even thousands of stores all from a single interface.

  • Secure guest Wi-Fi
  • Walled garden and captive portal
  • Internet content filtering
  • PCI compliance scanning and reporting

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Wi-Fi Analytics for Business Intelligence

Wi-Fi Analytics for Business Intelligence

Restaurant owners can leverage AirTight's Wi-Fi analytics engine to gain visibility into Wi-Fi usage across their stores and use the intelligence to better engage with their customers and increase revenue. The analytics provides real-time information such as number of active Wi-Fi user devices, types of devices including automatic fingerprinting of smartphones and tablets, and Wi-Fi network usage. In addition, restaurant owners have ready access to a rich repository of Wi-Fi analytics reports that can be generated on demand or scheduled for automatic delivery by email. The analytics reports include trends about number of Wi-Fi user devices, their activity, the duration of associations across a specific store or group of stores and during specific times of the day or on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Based on the business intelligence, restaurant marketing and operations departments can use AirTight's customizable guest Wi-Fi captive portals for localized marketing, e.g., to push coupons, announce daily specials, and to encourage customers to register their information to participate in localized opt-in marketing programs. Emerging geo-marketing mobile apps could be integrated with Wi-Fi access to explore new ways of engaging guests.

  • Real-time and historic Wi-Fi analytics across stores and times of interest
  • Rich, customized in-store Wi-Fi experience for guests
  • More loyal customers and increased revenue for restaurant owners

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