Wireless LAN Solutions for Financial Services

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Wireless LAN Solutions for Financial Services

Secure Wi-Fi for Campus and Branch

Secure Wi-Fi for HQ and Branch

Early security problems associated with wireless LAN technology have led many to proceed extremely cautiously with their own WLAN deployment.  This is especially true in the financial services market where personal and corporate financial information is at stake. 

AirTight Wi-Fi allows network administrators to embrace the benefits of mobility while maintaining a strong security posture across all locations including branch offices. AirTight’s high performance 802.11ac Wi-Fi embeds the industry’s leading wireless intrusion prevention technology into every AirTight access point, giving your organization the confidence to rollout wireless securely.  AirTight’s next generation controllerless WLAN architecture eliminates the capital expenses associated with legacy controller based WLAN solutions. Plug and play deployment and template based configuration streamlines WLAN rollouts across remote locations.

  • High performance, next generation 802.11ac Wi-Fi
  • Industry’s top rated WIPS technology protects data
  • Controllerless WLAN architecture reduces costs
  • Centrally managed for  IT efficiency

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Protect client data, protect your reputation

Protect Client Data, Protect Your Reputation

Unfortunately, even a ‘no Wi-Fi’ policy is not sufficient to ensure that a financial institution’s network will not be compromised due to wireless vulnerabilities. Whether you have installed a wireless LAN or not, rogue access points installed by employees without malice can leak signals outside of the building, potentially allowing hackers direct access to the network you’re your clients’ sensitive data. The severity of the consequences including loss of revenue due to decreased customer confidence and negative stock value impact demand the most robust solution available. 

AirTight® Networks is the industry leader in wireless intrusion prevention. AirTight WIPS stops wireless threats in their tracks and removes the uncertainty of whether wireless vulnerabilities will compromise your client’s financial data and damage your company reputation.  Patented “marker packet” technology quickly and accurately identifies all wireless threats on your network without any manual discovery or inspection. Automatic threat containment protects your network and your reputations 24x7

  • Analyst rated "Strong Positive"
  • Industry’s most accurate threat classification
  • Automated threat prevention
  • Integrates with any existing WLAN architecture

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Prevent Data Leakage on Personal Smart Devices

Prevent Data Leakage on Personal Smart Devices

The proliferation of personal smart devices and the BYOD trend is causing new security concerns for enterprise network and data security. Corporate users (e.g. employees, contractors) are accessing enterprise network and data, and bypassing corporate security controls using their personal Wi-Fi devices. 

AirTight Networks gives security professionals the necessary tools to ensure a strong wireless security policy both in and out of the office. AirTight Mobile’s security agent allows administrators to define and enforce wireless connectivity policies on all approved smart devices in and out of the office, such as enforcing a VPN connection when using an unsecured AP out of the office. AirTight Mobile also interoperates with AirTight WIPS BYOD device on-boarding and quarantine capabilities to prevent data leakage through unauthorized personal smart devices on your network

  • Wireless threat protection for mobile devices
  • Enforces consistent mobile security in and out of the office
  • Integrates with AirTight WIPS for BYOD device onboarding
  • Integrates with leading MDM solutions

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