Wireless LAN Solutions for Education

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Cloud-Managed Wi-Fi Solutions for Education

Cost Effective, Easy to Use Wi-Fi

You Bring the 3 R’s to the Classroom – AirTight Brings the 3 S’s

Technology is playing an increasingly important role in classrooms. With 1:1 mobile computing and flipped classroom initiatives, school districts can customize the curriculum to meet each student’s learning needs and goals. But in order to support these learning initiatives, you need a reliable and robust Wi-Fi infrastructure campus-wide. Set your school district up for success. AirTight Wi-Fi provides simplicity, safety, and savings straight from the cloud and completely controller-free.

  • SIMPLICITY: AirTight simplifies network deployment so much that all you need is a smartphone and five minutes to set up campus-wide Wi-Fi.
  • SAFETY: AirTight gives you complete control of the air to keep curious students locked on your networks.
  • SAVINGS: AirTight’s cloud offering keeps costs low without sacrificing features or performance.

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Special Offer

K-12 educational institutions can now get a 3 year subscription of AirTight secure cloud Wi-Fi, including support, for just $120 when you buy any 802.11ac AirTight access point.

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Social Wi-Fi in Education: Harwich & Dovercourt High School

Maximize your E-Rate budget

Maximize Your E-Rate Budget

The E-Rate Modernization Second Order (or E-Rate 2.0 for short) was published in December 2014 and aimed to revamp the program with an emphasis on “closing the Wi-Fi gap” and making the funding allocation fairer so more schools have access. This is accomplished by allocating over $2 billion to Category 2 services - and the purchase of Wi-Fi is central to Category 2 services. What does this all mean?

AirTight cloud-managed Wi-Fi can be purchased in two easy ways:

BUNDLED – One single component that includes an 802.11ac access point (choose from indoor and outdoor models) and your cloud subscription and support.
UNBUNDLED – AirTight 802.11ac access points and cloud subscription (with support) can be separated and bought as separate components (where necessary).

Contact your local reseller to learn more, or get in touch with AirTight at +1 (877) 930-6394 or by emailing k12@airtightnetworks.com.

Power your digital learning with a trustworthy and intuitive solution. No controllers required.

  • 100% E-Rate eligible Wi-Fi solutions
  • Cloud architecture eliminates expensive controllers
  • Embedded industry-leading wireless intrusion prevention system (WIPS) included to keep students browsing safely
  • No feature based licensing
  • No hidden costs 

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Maintain a G Rated Airspace

Maintain a G Rated Airspace

To ensure compliance with Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA), most schools have implemented Internet filtering software to prevent minors from viewing adult content, visiting gaming sites, or downloading music files. With AirTight's top-ranked wireless intrusion prevention system (WIPS) technology bundled into Wi-Fi solutions, school administrators detect and block rogue APs as well as prevent students from bypassing Internet content filters by blocking unauthorized wireless access points in the neighborhood while on campus.

  • 24X7 monitoring and enforcement
  • Complete control of the air to keep students and teachers safe and protected
  • Restrict unauthorized access to school resources
  • Automatically remediate threats
  • Eliminate network disruptions
  • Built-in Layer 7 firewalls enforce content filtering policies

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