Social Wi-Fi Analytics

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Social Wi-Fi and Analytics

AirTight Social Wi-Fi is an innovative platform that integrates Wi-Fi access and social networking to facilitate omnichannel communication for enabling user communities and engagement.


For instance, retailers can integrate social media channels with AirTight's customizable guest Wi-Fi captive portals to engage with in-store customers and turn them into loyal promoters, encourage them to opt into marketing programs and reach out to them via geo-marketing campaigns, e.g., coupons or special offers. Similarly, education institutes can leverage social Wi-Fi to encourage better communication between teachers, staff, students and parents, and facilitate student learning beyond the classroom. Event organizers can use social Wi-Fi at an event to encourage participation, provide real-time updates, and then follow up after the event.

The other benefit of the AirTight solution is the Wi-Fi based analytics that can provide great insights into the behavior of the audience your organization wants to engage. The analytics include anonymous presence statistics such as footfall and dwell times and their daily, weekly or monthly trends; aggregate demographics of opt-in social Wi-Fi users such as age, gender, and loyalty; and social profiles or contact information of users who have opted into loyalty programs.