802.11n Coverage Estimator

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How to Use 802.11n Coverage Estimator

Free 802.11n WLAN coverage estimator This free tool is to be used as is and does not come with any technical support.

Draw Layout

layout control are line/ellipse/rectangle   start drawing
Select the layout control (line/ellipse/rectangle) by clicking on it.   To start drawing, click on a grid intersection point with the left mouse button.
line drawing using mouse start   line drawing using mouse end
Drag the mouse without releasing mouse button as per required size and direction.   Release the mouse on or near a grid intersection point to finish drawing the desired object.

Place Access Points and Sensors

Access point selection   Drag Access point
Select an Access Point type.   Drag the selected Access Point.
Access point placement   Drop Access point
Move the Access Point to desired location.   Drop the Access Point.

Estimate Cost and Generate Report

Estimate Cost   Get personalized report
Estimate costs using different price points, save the cost data.   Get personalized report containing created layout and estimated costs.

Access points

You can drag and drop legacy (a, bg, abg) and 802.11n (an, bgn, abgn) access points onto the layout. The slider allows you to plan Wi-Fi coverage with a certain link speed. For 802.11n, the choice of channel width (20 MHz or 40 MHz) determines the range of link speeds available. 


You can protect your Wi-Fi network using a wireless intrusion prevention system (WIPS). Drag and drop WIPS sensors on the layout and plan your wireless intrusion detection and prevention coverage. 

Design Controls

Define the dimensions of the grid area in meters or feet. You can reset the grid with the Redraw Grid button. 

RF Environment

You can estimate the radio coverage of access points and sensors in your premises by choosing one of the pre-defined RF environments. The typical radio propagation characteristics for these environments are based on the measurements conducted by AirTight Networks.

RF Controls

Use the Transmit Power (mW) slider to choose the appropriate transmit power for your access points.

The Dual Radio Frequency filter is useful to view either 5 GHz or 2.4 GHz coverage for dual-band (abg and abgn) access points and sensors.  


Draw lines to define the shape and dimensions of your floor. 


Draw elliptical layout or structures.


Draw rectangular layout or structures. 


Choose any object (e.g., lines, access points, sensors) on the grid and delete.

Combined/Coverage/Sensor View

Use the different views to focus on either access point planning or sensor planning, or to view both together. 

Estimate Cost

Use the Cost calculator to estimate the total cost for your Wi-Fi rollout project.