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WPA2, perceived as the most solid Wi-Fi security protocol, is widely used by enterprises for securing their Wi-Fi networks. But security researchers at AirTight have uncovered a vulnerability called "Hole196" in the WPA2 security protocol that exposes WPA2-secured Wi-Fi networks to malicious insiders. Below are few news articles which describes the vulnerability in detail.

WPA2 flaw signals need for better security

Vivian Yeo, ZDNet Asia, 08/16/2010

What Happens in Vegas Doesn’t Necessarily Stay in Vegas

Faysal Sohail, CMEA Capital, 08/11/2010

Looking back at Hole196

Douglas, Weaknet labs, 08/10/2010

Q&A: Locking Down Wireless Networks

Md Sohail Ahmad from AirTight Networks talked with Dr. Dobb's editor in chief Jon Erickson

Hole 196: Lessons Learned

Craig Mathias 08/05/2010

Upshot of the WPA2 brouhaha

Joanie Wexler, Network World, 07/30/2010

WPA/WPA2 encryption: A possible workaround

Michael Kassner, Tech Republic, 07/27/2010

WPA2 Vulnerability Found

Joanie Wexler, Network World, 07/25/2010

WPA2 Exposed with 'Hole 196' Vulnerability

Ajay Kumar Gupta, AirTight Networks, 07/23/2010